Homeowner Association Management

Fifi J., HOA President in Pasadena, CA

“Infinity Property Services is very efficient in managing our Homeowner's Association. Thanks to Infinity Property Services quick and clear communication, we are well-equipped to tackle any problems that arise. They are very friendly and pleasant to work with, making them perfect in helping us handle the complex situations that we have to deal with. Upholding and implementing our CC&R's and Rules and Regulations are a very approachable task because of the assistance we get from Infinity Property Services and our residents are very grateful to have their guidance.”

Wayne C., HOA Vice President in Lancaster, CA

“Infinity Property Services is the best HOA Property Management Company that I have encountered. They are thorough, dedicated to their clients and have all of the intangible qualities needed to deal with the wide variety of challenges that occur between owners, residents, and outside service companies. I have owned properties for over 30 years and without question, they are the best.”

Infinity Property Services provides homeowner association management services in Southern California. We utilize best management practices with integrity.

We have created lasting relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us since we started the company. These long-term retentions reflect our clients’ high level of satisfaction with our performance, our people and our proven stability.

Homeowner Association Management Services

Tim T., HOA President in Pasadena, CA

“I have been very pleased with the professional service that Infinity Properties Services provides for our condominium home owners association. They are prompt at handling specific issues related to the structure of our building and aware of current rules and regulations, enabling them to inform and advise home owners and board members alike. The staff at Infinity Property Services are always friendly, courteous, and patient; always willing to support the home owners association in any way possible and assist them to operate a smooth association.”


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Martin G., HOA President in Glendale, CA

"Infinity Property Services has been our management company for the past 10 years. They are seriously amazing in every aspect. As a board member, I have received professional and expert management.  All of our homeowners are extremely happy with them.  They are very hands on with any issues that come up.  They answer calls live and they are always ready and willing to help. We always receive our financials on time every month.  Maintenance issues are done on time and on budget."

Sam N., HOA President in Burbank, CA

“Infinity Property Services is prompt, professional, and flexible in meeting the needs and challenges of our Association. They are constantly helping us successfully navigate through daily maintenance issues and strategically plan for fiscal and programmatic issues. We are very pleased with our positive partnership with them.”

Christian G., HOA President in La Habra, CA

"I am currently the president of my HOA, I have been living at my complex just over five years and since day one when I moved in we have had Infinity Property Services managing our complex. William and his staff are very friendly, approachable and have been very helpful with any issues that have arisen, they are quick to respond and fix any problems we have encountered and always keep open lines of communication with any updates pertaining to our complex or HOA.

I have not had one problem with their property management services and would definitely recommend them to any association, person or company looking for a competent property management company."

David G., HOA President in North Hollywood, CA

"I'm on the HOA Board for our 50-unit building, the team at Infinity Property Services make my life, both as a board member and a resident, so much easier. They are well-versed in city and state codes and laws, are extremely knowledgeable in maintenance and management issues, and have proven to be an excellent resource time and time again."

Claudette P., Former HOA President in Lancaster, CA

“Friendly, reliable and professional services.Very knowledgeable regarding real estate laws and HOAs.Would recommend to any Homeowner's Association to get the job done right.”

Allen V., HOA President in Tujunga, CA

What a great company and their service is second to none.  They have great advice and save us money.  They direct and manage vendors which makes it very easy for the Board. They are helpful, efficient, great customer service, and on top of everything and quite responsive to our needs and wishes.  The whole team strives to do the right thing and build long lasting quality relationships with our community. With their help, we have increased our reserves and address deferred maintenance.  Hire them today!”

Experience Driving Results

Our management philosophy that has guided us to deliver expertise, resources and support that translates directly into positive results:

  • Organization and direction of association affairs in a fair and consistent manner
  • Expert third-party objectivity in the decision-making process
  • Effective solutions for administrative, property and financial challenges
  • Prompt response to homeowner requests
  • Excellent communication with Board and community members
  • Certified Community Association Managers

​Association Management

Autumn T. G., HOA Treasurer in Van Nuys, CA

"I am extremely happy with management services from Infinity Property Services. They are knowledgeable, helpful, problem solvers, cost conscious, and detail oriented. Their customer service is friendly and helpful." 

Nearlene J., HOA President in Sherman Oaks, CA

"After decades of self-management, our HOA decided in early 2014 to seek a management company.  We obtained bids from four companies and met with representatives from three of them.  We selected William and Infinity Property Services based on William's expertise, experience, ability to work with a small HOA, and overall professionalism.

We initially contracted with Infinity just to handle our finances.  But later in the year we decided to add the property-management piece.  It's still a learning process, but overall we have been quite satisfied with William and his team."

Robert S., HOA Homeowner in Van Nuys, CA

“I have dealt with various Property Management companies in the past with great frustration. However, in working with Infinity Property Services, I have had nothing but positive things to say about my experience and their performance.I feel like I'm always speaking to professionals. When I have had specific issues they always address them or explain to me how I can get them resolved or the direction to take. All of this is always been accomplished by professionals that listens to the questions being asked for the problems being raised and do their best to resolve them expeditiously. They do everything promptly and professionally. You can't go wrong with Infinity Property Services.”

Infinity Property Services